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Dan Freedman, composer and pianist “…defines the living edge of jazz piano harmony!”

Review of Art Attack - John Brodeur

“With the economy as tight as it is, it’s getting harder for the average American to plunk down their hard-earned cash on a cover charge at the local jazz joint. The good news is, we still have guys like Dan Freedman who can turn our living rooms into dinner clubs. The Hawaii-based jazz pianist and composer recorded his debut disc, Art Attack, at his own Four Hearts Studios, and that very personal touch shows throughout. With a smart mix of original compositions and standards, solos and group works, the album is an engaging, often exciting recording, brimming with enough good ideas to match its performances. In fact, the trio version of “On Green Dolphin Street” that opens the record is among its least interesting attributes; to hear some real ingenuity, skip ahead to “Sweet Georgia Brown”—seriously!—where Freedman overdubs himself into a piano duo, and takes the shopworn tune to unexplored harmonic territory. Freedman is clearly a slave to his craft, and enjoying every minute of it; fans of jazz music should find the same amount of enjoyment in Art Attack.”

--John Brodeur